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Updated: May 7

Please note this is for guidance only and is not official deadlines:

Most Local Authorities (LAs) allow 10 full working days notice before a shoot date (although the legal regulation is 21 days notice) for a submission of a Child Performance License application.

If submitting your own license applications please check with the Local Authority on their timings as below is only a guide.

Please see below the deadlines for May 2024 for LAs who accept 10 full working days notice - Child Performance License applications need to be submitted to the LAs by 8am on the dates below at the very latest:


Monday 6th May 24 BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 7th May 24 21st May 24

Wednesday 8th May 24 22nd May 24

Thursday 9th May 24 23rd May 24

Friday 10th May 24 24th May 24

Monday 13th May 24 25th May 24

Tuesday 14th May 24 29th May 24

Wednesday 15th May 24 30th May 24

Thursday 16th May 24 31st May 24

Friday 17th May 24 1st June 24

Monday 20th May 24 4th June 24

Tuesday 21st May 24 5th June 24

Wednesday 22nd May 24 6th June 24

Thursday 23rd May 24 7th June 24

Friday 24th May 24 8th June 24

Monday 27th May 24 BANK HOLIDAY

Tuesday 28th May 24 11th June 24

Wednesday 29th May 24 12th June 24

Thursday 30th May 24 13th June 24

Friday 31st May 24 14th June 24

Please note that Bank Holidays or Weekends do not count as a working day

The next Bank Holidays are Monday 6th and Monday 27th May 24


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